Word Introduction

word_level1Beginner Skills in Microsoft Word

This 1 day course is designed for users that have little or no familiarity with Word. The focus is on creating and formatting documents. Instead of listening to hours of lecturing we spend most time playing with Word. In the various sessions we learn how to use the keyboard shortcuts to accomplish common tasks.


At the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to create simple but accurate documents and control the various Page Setup features. They will also learn the skills necessary to layout content in tables or columns.


  • Understanding the Word screen.
  • Formatting a document (guided tutorial).
  • Difference between Save and Save As.
  • Character formatting vs. paragraph formatting.
  • Typing and editing techniques.
  • Important paragraph formatting feature (Spacing above and below).
  • Spell checking and adding/removing words to the Custom Dictionary.
  • Page Setup (margins, page size and orientation).
  • Selection techniques.
  • Using the Clipboard pane.
  • Inserting a Table in your document and formatting the table.
  • Bullet and Numbered lists.
  • Moving paragraphs in a documents.
  • Inserting a Page Break.
  • Introduction to Styles.
  • Indentation (left and right).
  • Finding and replacing text. Locating and selecting all instances of a word.
  • Adding a Watermark to your document.
  • Printing and creating a PDF from your document.


In this introduction the user gets a lot of hands-on practice in order to have a feel for how Word works. The participants will have an opportunity to learn more than a dozen of keyboard shortcuts.