Word Intermediate

word_inter3Intermediate Skills in Microsoft Word

This 1 day course is designed for users that have a solid foundation with Word. The focus is working on more sophisticated documents. Instead of listening to hours of lecturing we spend most time working with Word. In the various sessions we learn how to use the keyboard shortcuts to accomplish common tasks.


At the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to create larger documents complete with a table of contents, an index and images. They will also learn the skills necessary to create styles and used them consistently throughout a document.


  • The Change Case command.
  • Hiding text.
  • Splitting the document window.
  • Viewing Side By Side.
  • Creating Hanging Indents (using tab stops or a table).
  • Formatting paragraphs using tab stops in the ruler.
  • Line Spacing.
  • Working with Tables.
  • Creating and using styles using the Style pane.
  • Clearing text and paragraph formatting.
  • Creating a Table of Contents. Formatting a TOC.
  • Formatting paragraphs using tabulations in the ruler.
  • Understanding Building Blocks (focus on AutoText).
  • Inserting Section breaks.
  • Headers and Footers.
  • Inserting, manipulating and formatting pictures.
  • Adding a chart or SmartArt object in your document.
  • Performing a Mail Merge.


In this installment the user gets a lot of hands-on practice in order to have a feel for more advanced Word features. The participants will have an opportunity to learn more than a dozen of keyboard shortcuts.