PowerPoint Introduction

ppt_introBeginner Skills in Microsoft PowerPoint

Would you like to put on a good show using PowerPoint? This 1 day course is designed for users that have little or no familiarity with PowerPoint. Instead of listening to hours of lecturing we spend most time playing with PowerPoint. In the various sessions we learn how to use the keyboard shortcuts to accomplish common tasks. If your a presenter we will discuss various techniques you must know to stay in control.


At the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to create professional presentation of any size. They will also learn about mistakes to avoid. The focus is on creating two presentations from scratch and apply various Themes and Layouts as well as inserting media images.


  • Understanding the PowerPoint screen.
  • Typing a presentation from scratch (guided tutorial).
  • Applying different bullet levels.
  • Understanding Layouts.
  • Fantastic uses of the Outline View.
  • Moving bullets up or down in a slide and to another slide.
  • Splitting a slide with too much content in two smaller slides.
  • Applying transition.
  • Inserting images.
  • Understanding the Slide Sorter view (move slides around, copy slides to another presentation).
  • Tips and techniques for presenters.
  • Linking a PDF file to a presentation.


It is recommended to bring a memory stick to make a personal copy all the files.