PowerPoint Intermediate

ppt_interIntermediate Skills in Microsoft PowerPoint

Do you want your presentation to have a point of difference? There is a fine balance between a captivating presentation and one that will distract its audience to the point of … you guessed it: Death by PowerPoint.


This one day workshop will focus on Templates, Themes and Animation among other things. Also we will learn how to make a unattended presentation containing a sound clip. We will introduce the sound editor Audacity to edit sound files and to mix a sound clip with a narrator’s voice.


  • Quick review of the Best Of features from level 1.
  • Inserting shapes using the Guides feature.
  • Inserting a chart in a slide.
  • Custom animations: Creating a Process Diagram and animate each process one at a time.
  • Inserting and basic editing and formatting of images.
  • Using the Picture with Caption layout.
  • Understanding the Slide Master feature.
  • Saving your Themes for future use.
  • Customizing Layouts
  • How to insert a logo that will appear on multiple slides.
  • How to prepare a presentation for multiple presenters.
  • Understanding the Presenter View feature.
  • The Custom Slide Show command.
  • Creating a video from your presentation.
  • See how Audacity can help creating a sound clip to use in your presentation.


It is recommended to bring a memory stick to make a personal copy all the files. The free open source Audacity installation program will be supplied with the course.