Nice discoveries in Excel 365

In this section I’d like to share small but cool things I have found in Excel 365. This does not mean that they are unique to that version. However since I’ve been using it for a couple years now, I will assume that they may also exist in slightly older versions.

There is at least one feature that didn’t exist in Excel 2016. I will discuss it when I get to that one.

  • In a blank worksheet, select a range of cells. Suppose you have selected a couple column extra and you with to exclude these cells from the selection, try this:
    Hold the Ctrl & Shift down then using the mouse drag over the extra selected cells to deselect them without efforts!
  • You have a list of items and you realize that two of them are in the wrong order. What an annoyance!
  • Not any more!

In a blank worksheet type three names pressing Enter after each So that they are in column. For sake of making it simple, suppose the names are: Dominic, Frank, Chantal & Alan. and you would prefer to have Chantal as second name.

  • Type the four names above then select the cell containing Chantal.
  • While you hold the Shift key down, drag the top border of the Chantal cell up above where Frank is.
  • Once the horizontal bar is ABOVE Frank (while the Shift is still pressed!) let go of the mouse (first) then let go of the mouse.
  • There you go Chantal and Frank are swapped!
  • Please try to move Alan above Frank.

This maneuver can be use with rows of various width. You can even start by selecting two rows (or more) then apply what you have learned in this tutorial. If you want to practice something cool try to figure out how to swap the two columns Before with After so that the columns are ordered After then Before. You can do it!

Try one more!

Look at the Before list below. You want to move the towns in the Before list to match the order in the After list. You can do it. Here we swap horizontally as opposed to vertically