Laminex Samples & Brochures


Laminex Samples & Brochures

With thousands of samples distributes throughout Australia as well as brochures and catalogs the customer needed a robust way to send these products quickly to the customers (designers, architects etc).

Once a user has logged-in many common activities are tracked and assigned to that user. The database allows to create new orders and quickly find old orders in various ways.

There are many innovative features in that application. For example common ‘kits’ of products are often ordered. To help the users to quickly refer to one of these kits a command called Family allows you to create as many kits as needed containing an unlimited number of brochures. When taking an order, the user clicks the Family button and double click that family name and all the brochures are inserted in an instant. Of course all these families of product are fully customizable.

Below are just a few screenshots of the Samples & Brochures application.