Excel VBA A gentle introduction


When I teach macros in Excel most people are surprised when I tell them that macros do not really exist in Excel. The term macro simply means ‘large’ and in that context refers to a command that is made of multiple steps. The command is what you have recorded using the Macro Recorder and the multiple steps are the instructions that you have recorded.

So if macros do not really exist in Excel why is there a button to record a macro and on to run a macro? Because (as we said above) a macro is an action that is comprised of many individual actions. So in essence it takes less than 5 minutes to learn everything there is to know about macros!

Learning Excel VBA

What we will explore in this site is the language in which the instruction recorded by the macro are recorded. Now, that is a completely different ball game.

The way we will learn about programming Excel using VBA (Visual Basic for Application) is through free PDF files that will be made accessible in this Web site. This way it will be easier to update and for you to print the information.