Excel Shortcuts


Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

Excel has a large collection of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to simplify your everyday tasks.

Below is a list of the ones I use every time I need to do a particular action. I will list them by order of frequency starting with the ones I use the most to the other ones I use occasionally. If you can commit to learn one or two per month then at the end of the year you will have mastered at least 15 new keyboard shortcuts. Way more that the average user!

Every Day Shortcuts

Shortcut Usage
Ctrl+S Save workbook
Ctrl+W Close workbook
Ctrl+S, W Save and close workbook
Ctrl+N Create a new workbook
Ctrl+Enter Prevent active cell from moving down
Ctrl+Z Undo
Ctrl+Y Redo
Ctrl+P Print Preview
Ctrl+D Copy the entry or formula above in the active cell
Shift+Arrow Extend selection in the selected direction
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Select to the extremity in the selected direction
Ctrl+1 Open the Format Cells dialog box
Alt+= Execute the AutoSUM command
Alt+1 Run first button in the Quick Access toolbar (Alt+2 for second, etc)
Ctrl+PgDn Move to the next worksheet
Ctrl+PgUp Move to the previous worksheet
Alt+PgDn Move one full screen to the right
Alt+PgUp Move one full screen to the left

Every Other Day Shortcuts

Once you have committed to memory the keyboard shortcuts above, experiment with the ones below.


Shortcut Usage
Alt+Ctrl+V Open Paste Special dialog box
Alt+Enter Hard return (Enter) in a cell
Ctrl+F Launch the Find command
Ctrl+H Launch the Replace command
Ctrl+* Select a region
Note:to use the * above the 8 press Ctrl+Shift+8
Ctrl+<Addition> Numeric keypad Insert new row in worksheet or new cells in selection
Make you selection with Ctrl+Shift+<arrow> before
Ctrl+<Subtraction> Numeric keypad Delete row in worksheet or cells in selection
Make you selection with Ctrl+Shift+<arrow> before
F12 Open the SaveAs command
Ctrl+G or F5 Open the Goto command then Alt+S for Special
F4 Change the Reference to $A$1, A$1, $A1 then back to A1
Ctrl+~  (Tilde) Above the Tab key. Show/Hide formulas
Ctrl+T Convert a list into an Excel Table
Ctrl+Shift+$ Format selection as Currency
Ctrl+Shift+% Format selection as Percentage

If you find a use for one, use it otherwise save your memory for something else.