Excel Intermediate

One step at a timeIntermediate Skills in Microsoft Excel

This 1 day course is designed for users who have worked with Excel for some times. The focus is on creating more challenging formulas and functions. Instead of listening to ours of lecturing we spend most time playing with Excel. In the various sessions we learn how to use the keyboard shortcuts to accomplish common tasks.


At the end of this workshop, the participants will be able to use many more built-in Excel functions. An introduction to VLookup() and IF() is on the menu. We also introduce the use of nested functions. We also learn that there is more in sorting data than simple using the Sort command.


  • Various use of the Fill Handle.
  • Format cells based of their content using the Conditional Formatting command in the Ribbon. Lear how to create custom rules to format cells. Also use the content of another cell to apply a conditional format to a selection.
  • Various common worksheet tasks: Rename, group, move, copy, change colour and delete.
  • Relative, Mixed and Absolute referencing.
  • Understanding the conditional family of functions: IF(), IFERROR(), AND(), as well as OR(). The best way to nest multiple IF() inside one another.
  • Understanding the VLOOKUP() function and its limitations.
  • 3D worksheet formula. Referencing cells in other locations or a workbook to create a summary sheet.
  • Sorting and filtering lists. Sorting by colour and creating custom order sorting.
  • Creating basic charts: Bar chart, Column chart, Pie chart. Customizing a chart by adding a Trend line and other formatting features.


In this intermediate level the user gets a lot of hands-on practice in order to accomplish their work. In this second installment users will have an opportunity to learn more than a dozen of keyboard shortcuts.