Download Excel VBA Projects

Download Excel VBA Projects

This section contains PDF tutorials guiding you in learning how to program Excel. The short description below each cover page will indicate the degree of experience you will gain by going the material (Beg, Int or Adv).

Please note that ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Advanced’ does not mean that you must be an expert. It’s more about how much time you have dedicated in the past to practice and search the Web for other examples. For example before doing an Intermediate project I would recommend that you do (and understand) each Beginner ones.

For the moment all tutorials are free. Hopefully one day I will have a link to Paypal so you may want to make a voluntary donation toward producing more.

Click a cover page below to open the PDF file in a new window.

Creating User Defined Functions
This tutorial is a good place to start (Beg) This is where you discover the power of VBA functions (Int)
Learning About Loops Learning About Variables
Solid intro to loops (Int) Good intro to variables (Beg)