Access VBA

access_vbaIntegrating VBA in Microsoft Access

To fully automate an Access application there is no way to avoid it … one needs to learn VBA (Visual Basic for Application).

This 3 day course is designed for users with a solid background in creating Access database who want to learn how to create applications. Optionally this three day workshop can be given in two separate steps. Two consecutive days in the first week and the last day in the following week.


At the end of this workshop, the participants understand how VBA ties in to with queries, forms, reports to automate tasks in the database. We learn how to respond to ‘Events’ like opening a form, navigating between records and clicking a button to open a report. We also learn some SQL and how to integrate it into VBA code.


  • Standard and Form Class modules.
  • Sub and Function procedures. Lots of practice.
  • Using variables and understanding data types.
  • Using Function is Access queries.
  • Conditional statements: If-End If and Select Case-End Select.
  • Looping: Do While-Loop and For Each-Next.
  • Understanding recordsets and Object variables.
  • Running queries in VBA and manipulating the underlying data.
  • Adding, updating and deleting records using recordsets
  • Understanding how VBA is integrated in a database application.
  • Class Project: The Project Team database. Adding code to a database containing all its objects (tables, queries,  forms and report) to turn it into an interactive database.


It is definitely advantageous (although not an absolute prerequisite) to have programming experience in some language before taking this workshop. It is recommended to bring a memory stick to make a personal copy all the files.