Access Advanced

access_advAdvanced Skills in Microsoft Access

Turning an Access database into an application can be daunting. One thing for sure it takes time and patience…

This 2 day course gives you some experience in preparing a database to be used as an application. This allow users who know nothing about database to safely do their tasks in the database using the interface you designed for them. Clarity and simplicity is of utmost importance if you want the users to enjoy using the product you have created for them.


At the end of this workshop, the participants leave with a couple of simple databases to practice creating a user interface. We also answer design questions and warnings about what not to do. A guided introduction to VBA is part of this workshop.


  • How an Access application works? See an example of a real life application.
  • Look at the Projects ManyToMany database as a simple example.
  • Looking at the Reservation database: Table design and relationships. Goal to achieve with this database.
  • Creating a main menu for the application and display this menu when the database opens.
  • Understanding how VBA is integrated in a database application.
  • Class project: Looking at the Project Teams database and ensure that the role of each object is clear. Scope of the exercise.
  • Going through the project documentation to complete the automation between the forms and the associated reports.


To benefit fully from this 2 day course it would be essential for each participant to have basic past experience in administering a database. Also the participant will be creating a couple of forms and reports. It is recommended to bring a memory stick to make a personal copy all the files.