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Understanding all features of a program can be a challenge!

Navigating through the dozens of features of all the applications a user encounters can be challenging. The greater the number of applications, the greater the challenge.

Are you using the application installed in your computer at its full capability?

Most users admit they use less than 20% of the capability of the software installed in their computer. If you feel that this is true then you are losing time and money.

If you are an employer, are your employees using the fastest route to accomplish a task?

ComboProjects is able to assist you with personal and custom on-site training in general systems and Microsoft Office applications. A very popular solution is one-on-one training with you on your projects. In our experience, just one-half day session with our experienced facilitator can increase your productivity by 40% or more.

We show you how to use features like:

  • Mail merge data in Excel or Access into Word documents.
  • Using more functions in Excel.
  • Animate a slide presentation with PowerPoint with multimedia.
  • Building a table of contents using styles
  • Query your data and report it with Access.
  • And much more

Instead of spending your valuable time sitting in a class full of people with different learning needs and goals as yours, have your own trainer sitting with you building on what you already know, answering your questions immediately.

Many users are excited to learn that common tasks can be achieved by using keyboard shortcuts. Research indicates that using a few keyboard shortcuts significantly reduces the risk of wrist injury and increases the user’s efficiency to complete a task.

Use the Training link at the top of this page to learn about some of the most useful shortcuts for various Microsoft Office applications.

If you want more information about how custom training solutions can help you, contact us.

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